We are passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of young people. Our team brings a diversity of knowledge and experience to everything we do. Take a look at our team bios to get to know the yLead family a little better!

Matt Kershaw

CEO & Experience Delivery

For Matt, yLead was love at first sight. His first experience in 2002 sparked a journey of transformation from a young introvert, terrified of public speaking… to a confident young leader with a desire to enrich the lives of others. In 2005, after a major health scare, Matt travelled to Tanzania and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was here that he decided it was time to conquer an even bigger mountain, leaving his university degree to join yLead full time. Since 2006, Matt has developed from a junior team member to one of the organisation’s key facilitator and CEO. Matt was a House Captain at The Hills Grammar School in Sydney. He loves to invest his time in family, friends, music and football.

Belinda (Bel) Yorston

Experience Delivery

Bel first experienced yLead in 2002 and never imagined that nine years later she would be out the front, empowering future leaders as a full-time team member. After serving as a School Captain of Alexandra Hills SHS in her senior year, Bel followed her passion into the performing arts, earning dance contracts in Australia and internationally. She then spent seven years in real estate, developing the highly awarded ‘Team Yorston’ with her mum. With money in her pocket Bel decided to travel and it was during this time that her desire to give back to the community truly exploded. Bel is a bright and bubbly facilitator who loves to spread her positivity to others. She also invests her energy into Rotary, helping to develop their youth programs.

Jackson Auld

Experience Delivery

Jackson’s journey with yLead began at the Australian Student Leadership Conference in 2013 as a School Captain of St Edmund’s College. For a young boy that was coming out of a major neck injury that stopped his passion for rugby league, this conference had a major impact on his drive and determination. He gained a true desire to give back to his community and a passion for seeing people reach their full potential. Jackson’s journey led him to a university degree studying International Business alongside his voluntary work in schools, promoting healthy lifestyle through sport and volunteering with yLead. Jackson then joined yLead in 2015 as a Facilitator. His passions outside of yLead are personal fitness, weightlifting and enjoying his weekends with friends and family. He also enjoys being on the board of DanDaLion Friends, helping disabled men and women break limits and exceed expectations.

Marina Di Sipio

Experience Delivery

Marina is living proof that great things do come in small packages. With her vibrant and upbeat personality, she is always looking to bring smiles and laughter to others. This self-proclaimed pocket rocket, first experienced yLead in 2013 at the Australian Student Leadership Conference as School Captain of St Rita’s College. yLead’s unique energy and engaging teaching methods left Marina inspired and seeking more. After graduating, she travelled  as a participant on yLead’s Thrill Out. Marina’s passion to empower others to be their best led to her mentoring young leaders at yLead and Rotary conferences prior to joining yLead full-time in early 2015. Outside of yLead, Marina’s passions include sport, particularly touch football and soccer, and an undying love for food.

Laura Campbell

Client Relations

Originally from Melbourne, Laura moved to Brisbane and joined the yLead team in 2015. A job at yLead meant the opportunity to fulfil a dream of working in the community development sector, with the Client Relations role aligning perfectly with Laura’s passion for people. After graduating with a degree in International Studies, Laura went on to complete internships at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, Oxfam and the School of Social Entrepreneurs, where she worked closely with program coordinators on community youth programs and education campaigns.  A highlight of university for Laura was a semester abroad at Lund University in Sweden where she contextualised her degree as part of the international exchange program. Laura enjoys keeping active and is always keen to explore new sites and get her fill of the outdoors. She has recently returned from a trip across Europe and has many more destinations to cross of her list.

Andrew Klumpp

Finance & Operations

Andrew is a qualified Accountant. He runs his own small business, loves playing any sport and takes pride in being a positive role model and loving father to his daughter Ashleigh and son Matthew. Andrew has worked for large companies such as Citibank, GE, John Deere and wotif.com, which have taught him that financial discipline and an emphasis on sustainable profits are the fundamentals of all successful organisations. Andrew joined yLead because he wanted to be involved in an organisation whose primary focus is to make a positive contribution to society, not shareholder value. He also believes he can help embed a culture within yLead that understands that without financial discipline and a sustainable business model it cannot reach the extraordinary heights it strives for.

Sophie Baker

Marketing & Awareness

Sophie joined yLead in 2013 as our Marketing and Communications lead. Having spent the majority of her career working for large corporate organisations, including Deloitte and Vodafone, Sophie decided it was time for a change and went travelling across Europe in 2012. Whilst in England she joined the marketing team for a not-for-profit social housing company in London. It was there she decided she had a passion for youth and community development that brings about positive social change. Upon her return to Brisbane, Sophie felt yLead was a perfect fit for these ambitions and has since worked hard at growing the reach of the organisation to maximise our impact across Australia.